Beer and Health

Beer has been studied a lot in recent years. All the findings show that if you drink in moderation, beer is a healthy product that only contributes to our health and certainly doesn’t do damage.

Beer in Moderation

First, it’s important to note that to profit from beer’s health advantages, and not to damage the body, you need to drink in moderation. What’s “in moderation”? According to studies published recently, as long as you don’t exceed two bottles per day, and as long as you exercise in parallel, the body only profits from drinking beer.

Beer and Gaining Weight

There is no fat in beer. The amount of carbohydrates is small: only 2.6 grams per 100 ml of beverage.

Studies prove that this is a myth – beer doesn’t cause you to gain weight.

A French study published in May 2005, checked the connection between the level of being overweight, the relationship between measurement of the hips (the potbelly), and drinking different types of alcoholic beverages. The study checked 1,481 women and 1,210 men between the ages of 35-60. The results showed no connection between these factors and beer drinking.

Another study published in 2004, checked over eight years, the connection between drinking alcohol and weight gain in women. The study observed 50,000 women between the ages of 27-44. It found that moderate drinking did not at all cause weight gain.

Additional studies confirm that moderate beer consumption does not influence weight or body circumference gain.

Beer and the Heart

A major study published in the American Heart Association journal – “Circulation”, checked the general influence of drinking beer in relation to the risk of heart and blood vessel diseases. The study surveyed 15 studies containing more than 200,000 participants. From these studies’ summaries, it was found that the risk of heart and blood vessel diseases decreased by 75% among beer drinkers, in comparison with non-drinkers. The summary of these studies’ results indicates clearly, that drinking beer in moderation reduces the risk of heart and blood vessel diseases.

Beer and Good Cholesterol

A reasonable amount of alcohol raises the level of HDL. This “good” cholesterol prevents fat to accumulate on the blood vessels’ walls.

Beer and Diabetes

It also turns out that in an especially wide study published in the Diabetologia scientific journal that observed 106,690 young women over a ten-year period. It determined that drinking beer in moderation protects from diabetes as it reduces the sensitivity to insulin. The researchers determined that daily consumption of 30 grams of alcohol has the highest influence in protecting against diabetes.

Beer and the Immune System

Another study that was recently published in the scientific journal for nutrition and metabolism – “Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism” is the first clinical study of its kind. It checked the influence of drinking regular beer in moderation on the body’s immune system in a population of 57 healthy men and women. The researchers’ conclusion was that regularly drinking beer in moderation helps strengthen immune system, especially in women. It can also explain beer’s influence in its fight against the body’s different diseases and its prevention of them.

Beer and Vitamins

Beer contains many vitamins and minerals. Vitamins that come from the malt are from the 6B1, 2B, B, and H groups. These nourish the nervous system, enable high concentration levels, help to build red blood cells, improve the heart’s performance, and stimulate the digestive mechanism. In addition, beer contains phosphorus that aids digestion and magnesium that strengthens the heart’s muscles and more.