Quality Beer

In all areas of food, there are different levels of quality. This is also true with beer. Most beer we see daily is made by large manufacturers. The line that guides these manufacturers in producing beer is getting production cost as low as possible, shelf life as long as possible, and matching the tastes of the most people. As a result, most beer in the world is similar, “flat” in tastes and aromas. It goes through preservation processes such as pasteurization and filtering that lengthens its shelf life but harms its taste. This is the basic beer, whose place is important. We all grew up with it.

Into this world, over the past few years, hundreds of craft breweries sprouted, who made it their goal to make beer that is tasty and enjoyable. Beer rich in flavour and aroma. In the US it’s called Craft Beer and in Europe, Real Ale. Quality beer is made with a passion

for flavour, aromas, and complexity. Therefore, there are different beers for different tastes. The beer is made using excellent ingredients, and therefore, more expensive, while doing away harmful pasteurization and filtering. Therefore, the shelf life is shorter.
Alexander Beer carries out the traditions of the European and US craft breweries. We also brew beer from natural ingredients only, from the highest quality in existence – without pasteurization and without filtering. To reach the maximum freshness, we refrigerate the beer during its entire life – from the fermentation tank, through the storage rooms at the brewery, through our distribution vans, and up till your bar, restaurant, or home.